Welcome to the R.O.O.S.T. site!
ROOST  = Re Open Old Sydney Town 
The group started as Bring Back Old Sydney Town Facebook group. 
We hope this web page will bring together 
many who wish to see 
Old Sydney Town re-opened!

Old Sydney Town at Somersby, NSW, Australia  -  Heritage Theme Park

Old Sydney Town is a faithful re-creation of the earliest days of the Colony of New South Wales, 

 spanning the years 1788 to 1810. 

Walking the streets of Old Sydney Town is like an adventure back into history. 

Visitors can wander the streets, and discover the lifestyle of Old Sydney Town, 

see soldiers on parade, hear thundering cannons and 

watch the excitement of pistol duels and a convict rebellion. 

Other highlights include the Magistrate's Court where convicts are tried, 

convicted and punished as well as rides on a bullock or horse-drawn wagon. 

In 1969 architect Mr Frank R. Fox bought 65 hectares of land at Somersby near Gosford 

with the idea of creating a replica of our first settlement. 

He wanted to depict the lifestyle of the first settlers during the early years of colonisation 

and the topography of this land was very similar to the original layout of Sydney. 

After careful research building commenced in 1972.

For 30 years, thousands of visitors walked the streets of Old Sydney Town but unfortunately,

 on Monday January 27, 2003 Old Sydney Town ceased day time operations.

 Hopefully in the near future this precious reminder of Australia's past will reopen.  

http://www.penrithweb.com/panorama/pan-ost.html (slightly edited!)

Help us achieve this goal!  

HOW TO GET INVOLVED   - Write to your Local & Federal Politicians!   Sample letter included!

Dear Bring Back Old Sydney Town members,

With the Federal election this year, it's a good idea for supporters of the cause to start lobbying (respectfully always) the Federal candidates from the major parties.

A letter or email of support in this time is very important to get things moving. So please consider taking the time to show your support by taking action.

(The Liberal candidate contact are: PO Box 60, Gosford NSW 2250, Mobile 0437 003 607, Email: lucy.wicks@nsw.liberal.org.au, Website www.lucywicks.com.au 


To give those who may not have written a letter to a politician before it could look a bit like this:

Dear ............

My name is ................. and I live .......(local address's good to show votes they may gain or lose).....

I work as a ........(Shows a bit about about you) or, I am a Grandmother of 10 etc etc

I support re-opening Old Sydney Town for (reasons why)

Note: It's great to ask questions such as:

Do you support the cause? If so, what action are you taking to support it please?

What commitments can you make to ensure that all avenues will be explored to re-open Old Sydney Town?




I would love to hear of responses and feel free to Bcc me into the email if you like,


This is what we have managed to do so far:-

Meeting with Bob Moes & Lisa Robillard, from NSW tourism & infrastructure funding who then suggested that to have any clout it has to be done properly & legally , and first we must have a properly constructed Feasibility Study & Business Plan we were told the cost would be $50,000 of which they said they would pay half so we were to have raised $25,000 for our half, Thankfully The Ourimbah Uni Accounting Students have done it for free!    This will be needed when the Petition is presented to NSW Legislative Assembly. 

 In a letter from George Souris, Minister for Heritage & Tourism , there is money from Tatts Lotto.   of the $300,000,000 is earmarked for "heritage & Tourism"  it is from this money that we hope to buy it back! 


Drafted a Constitution, (FREE)

Selected Committee Members (FREE)

Wrote & distributed the Petition (FREE)

Registered a Business Name 

Obtained Legal advice on various OST matters ( FREE)

Obtained Insurance ( now cancelled)

Obtained an ABN( now cancelled)

Obtained a Bank Account ( which could not be done until all above was done) ( now closed)

Obtained Charitable Registration number ( still working on the Tax Deducaible Donation applications) ( now closed)

Sought information from various community groups as to interest (FREE)

Interview with Federal Election Candidates  - at least those who responded (FREE)

Drafted Letter for business (FREE)

Web page developed and hosted  for under $20! ( + $30/a)

2017 WE  had finished  the petition - so wound up the Incorporated site of the group... 11,000+ signatures

October 2017 Mitchell Hubbard Flew a drone over the Old Sydney Town Site


Have a look!  Not all doom & gloom - but MUCH work is needed! 

Feb 2nd 2018 update!

All Four blocks of the Old Sydney Town(OST) & the Australian Reptile Park (ARP) are placed on the Market for "Expressions of interest".   Closing Date Mid March.