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ROOST  = Re Open Old Sydney Town 
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Some of the Yellow area has already been designated "protected" since the map was printed.  
These 'protected' areas will not be touched. Keep logging on to the above site to keep updated!  

We hope this web page will bring together 
many who wish to see 
Old Sydney Town re-opened!

Old Sydney Town at Somersby, NSW, Australia  -  Heritage Theme Park

Old Sydney Town is a faithful re-creation of the earliest days of the Colony of New South Wales, 

 spanning the years 1788 to 1810. 

Walking the streets of Old Sydney Town is like an adventure back into history. 

Visitors can wander the streets, and discover the lifestyle of Old Sydney Town, 

see soldiers on parade, hear thundering cannons and 

watch the excitement of pistol duels and a convict rebellion. 

Other highlights include the Magistrate's Court where convicts are tried, 

convicted and punished as well as rides on a bullock or horse-drawn wagon. 

In 1969 architect Mr Frank R. Fox bought 65 hectares of land at Somersby near Gosford 

with the idea of creating a replica of our first settlement. 

He wanted to depict the lifestyle of the first settlers during the early years of colonisation 

and the topography of this land was very similar to the original layout of Sydney. 

After careful research building commenced in 1972.

For 30 years, thousands of visitors walked the streets of Old Sydney Town but unfortunately,

 on Monday January 27, 2003 Old Sydney Town ceased day time operations.

 Hopefully in the near future this precious reminder of Australia's past will reopen.  

http://www.penrithweb.com/panorama/pan-ost.html (slightly edited!)

Help us achieve this goal! 
Help the new owners work with the community!  

HOW TO GET INVOLVED   - Log on to the New owners web page and fill in the FEEDBACK form to have you say in where the Park should head.   NOW is the time to do it! 

About this project

In 2018, World Culture Tourism Village (WCTV) purchased 945 Old Pacific Highway, a 120-hectare site located in Somersby, NSW. The land is made up of five adjoining parcels and includes the former Old Sydney Town as well as the Australian Reptile Park. 

WCTV is considering how to reimagine the site. As part of this, WCTV is committed to engaging with the community and key stakeholders around potential future uses for the site.

WCTV recognises and wants to leverage the site’s value: its location, size, proximity to water and its historical and cultural appeal. WCTV is investing in NSW to deliver public benefits – focused on job creation and youth employment, and helping improve the local economy.

WCTV understands both the Australian Reptile Park and Ploddy the Dinosaur are important parts of the local community and both attractions will stay and continue to operate.

This project is currently in the concept planning phase. To help develop concept plans, WCTV is seeking your views, to understand what you would like to see included in the reimagining of the site.

This website will be updated regularly as the project progresses. We invite you to learn morehave your say, and contact our project team with any project feedback.